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Cosmos At first, it was light. An almost indiscernible point in the black void, which is projected onto our blindness over Cosmos the world. Elegant stars seem to line up to create rounded crystal shapes, while a female voice learns to speak, babbling. We do not know if something new is being born, although everything indicates that your nervous system, made of light, image and sound, is a whole cosmos. A cosmos that becomes language. It is not surprising that this cosmos ends up becoming an eye. A screen that looks at us. In just a couple of minutes, Jonathan Glazer has filmed the resurrection of cinema according to a new paradigm. Scarlett Johansson, that body-cinema that, in Under the Skin, blends in with reality to become invisible and be able to devour it, clone it, regurgitate it in an energy that we don’t know how to qualify, will be our guide in one of the best films of the decade , now happily recovered for its Spanish theatrical release after seven years of ostracism. Apocalyptic initiation. Under the Skin will not only go down in the history of science fiction cinema for leaving us powerful images as a legacy – I think of the black lava pool where the alien that Johansson plays attracts her victims, shapeless bodies floating in a dense, vampiric nothingness; or the protagonist’s conversation with an acromegalic – but also for considering itself quite naturally as a revision of the myth of the femme fatale – and with it, the body of the star in digital times, a speech in which Johansson herself abounded in Her and Lucy, produced in the surroundings of Glazer’s film – and as the story of a new body that reveals itself against its status as a copy to meet its emotional dimension, despite the fact that the sexual drive of the analogical bodies that surround it they make it especially difficult. In the same hypnotic style that he displayed in the splendid Reincarnation, and with the help of the extraordinary soundtrack by Mica Levi, Glazer captures the disturbing atmosphere that illuminates a woman who begins to recognize herself in her human identity, as If it were an image that you want to put in value in a place as cold and inhospitable as contemporary society. Because, in another unpredictable twist of the film, British social realism collides with the apocalyptic initiation tale.

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