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Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy in ‘Come to Daddy’, Wood plays Norval, a thirty-something hipster and DJ who decides to accept his Come to Daddy absent biological father’s request to visit him at his beach house. After rehabilitation for his alcoholism and the death of his mother, this may be a good time to smooth things over between the two of you. But when he gets home, the behavior of his father (Stephen McHattie), also an alcoholic, is strange to him and he ends up seeing that everything hides a perverse and violent intrigue.

Canadian Ant Timpson directs this thriller with touches of absurd black comedy very close to the universe of the Coen brothers, which promises a good dose of gore and laughter. In addition to an original and unusual story about what it means to be a father (and son) and try to heal the emotional wounds of the relationship. In the cast we also find Michael Smiley, Martin Donovan and Madeleine Sami.

Duration: 96 min


IMDb: 6.0