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Chappaquiddick Joe, the oldest of the brothers, a victim of World War II; John, of an assassination inside the official Chappaquiddick vehicle in Dallas, and Bobby, assassinated in Los Angeles almost three months after announcing his race to the presidency. It is not the script of a macabre movie, nor the sketch of a Shakespeare play, but the curriculum of fateful events of the closest thing to a real family that America has had. The death of the three oldest sons of Joe Kennedy Sr. boosted the political career of Teddy, the youngest of a dynasty called to prolong his particular Camelot. But the weight of the legacy was too great for the young Bostonian, who succumbed to the curse of a family marked by tragedy when he sank his black Oldsmobile 88 on the island of Chappaquiddick. That July 18, 1969, the man who was called to end Nixon’s aspirations ended up leaving the presidency of the United States in the car seat, at the bottom of Lake Poucha, next to the body of Mary Jo Kopechne.

About half a century after the incident and almost a decade after a tumor ended the life of Edward Moore Kennedy, director John Curran looks back at the altercation that sentenced the political career of which, even today, is considered by many a hero in America. In the film “The Ted Kennedy scandal”, which opens this Friday in Spain, he tries to “demystify the legend that surrounds them” through a “fresh and modern look.” Looking back because “history is repeating itself” and because “sometimes, looking at the past, light can be shed on the present.” “In the US we have a criminal president,” says Curran about Donald Trump in an interview with ABC. And despite “looking back for lessons to apply today,” the director believes that “Republicans who watch this movie will hate Ted Kennedy even more than they already did, and Democrats will continue to think of him as a hero”.

Duration: 106 min


IMDb: 6.4