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Buffaloed have you never dreamed of having more? Peg Dahl does not come from a context of wealth or privilege, but Buffaloed his goals have always been clear: study at an Ivy League university, work his way to Wall Street and achieve the desired financial freedom. Unfortunately, this bright and ambitious young woman does not have time to grapple with the trivia of the system, which will eventually lead her to employ her innate talents as a trickster in one of the gray areas of the American banking system. The movie How to Get Out of Buffalo offers glimpses of a wild comedy that never reaches its full potential, but will keep you spellbound by Zoey Deutch’s magnetic performance.

Our story is set in the suburbs of the city of Buffalo, New York. After being accepted into an elite institution as she had always dreamed of, Peg realizes that it will be impossible for her to pay tuition, so she takes an easy way to raise funds: selling counterfeit tickets to a Bills game. After 40 months in prison and without a good prospect for her future, the ex-convict receives a call from a debt collector who has been harassing her mother, who barely survives on the income from a clandestine hairdresser. Instead of reacting in anger, Peg immediately detects a job opportunity and convinces her interlocutor to hire her. It is here that the superficial charm, coupled with the manipulative, twisted and amoral personality of the young woman, will succeed in the murky and lucrative business of debt collection.

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 6.2