Boy Erased
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Boy Erased

Boy Erased conversion or sexual reorientation therapies in the United States are one of the pending tasks of the North Boy Erased American country for the rights of LGTBI people. Although they do not originate in the country or the 20th century (they date back to the late 19th century, when homosexuality was still considered a mental deviation, despite the fact that several scientists of the time, including Albert Einstein, signed a document in favor of the rights of homosexual persons), in recent years have returned to the front page due to many first-person testimonies about young people who have had to suffer confinement in these ‘modern concentration camps’. Even the popular series ‘Will & Grace’, on its return to American prime-time, has addressed the issue, leaving aside its particular comic tone and giving us a memorable and very dramatic chapter.

Even so, it is not a subject that we have seen much in film or television except on rare occasions. The most recent, the film ‘The Bad Education of Cameron Post’ with Chlöe Grace Moretz. Today it is still a very thorny issue in the North American country, especially because they are therapies that are increasingly focused on adolescents and children, that is, minors, and testimonies of torture are more frequent as the years progress. The United States is a deeply religious country, and the states further inland, known as ‘Deep America’, are much more conservative and radical.

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