Before I Fall
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Before I Fall

Before I Fall once he’s completely finished on FX’s Fargo season 4, Noah Hawley will be jumping into his Star Trek Before I Fall feature at Paramount “as soon as possible” he tells Deadline today. We broke back in November how the Fargo and Legion creator was beaming up for the next sequel in the studio’s franchise.

But two interesting takeaways from our conversation are that it’s not necessarily set in stone yet to star the younger cast of characters from the Bad Robot movies, plus it’s probably not going to be connected to the Alex Kurtzman universe that’s being built over at CBS All Access.

“I have my own take on Star Trek,” said Hawley when we asked him if the sequel will feature the most recent film’s cast, “and going back to what I loved about the series Next Generation, when a lot of franchises focus on ‘might makes right’, Star Trek is about exploration and humanity at its best, and diversity and creative problem solving. There’s nothing better than that moment when William Shatner puts on his reading glasses and lowers Khan’s shields. It doesn’t cost anything. But it’s that triumphant feeling about smarting your enemy. For me it’s about to getting to those elements of the show. I don’t necessarily find action in and of itself interesting unless it’s story. So, it’s early days, I’m still talking with Paramount and I have a take and I gotta write a script.”

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