Balkan Line
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Balkan Line

Balkan Line on a little-known historical fact, the takeover of Slatina airport in Kosovo by the Russian army and the Balkan Line diplomatic tensions with the West that resulted, Balkan Line, a Russian-Serbian blockbuster, is openly displayed as a film propaganda with significant resources. Against the backdrop of the conflict between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo, the scenario introduces, in the context of the Russian military operation, the fiction of a local and abject warlord seeking to take over the airport defended by a small group of former members of the Russian special forces. Largely oriented towards scenes of violence and combat, Balkan Line may be of interest to all fans of the genre who will certainly appreciate the countless highly spectacular action sequences, especially in the last part of the story. But behind the facade of a war film nuanced with romanticism, the plot presents a favorable and revised version of Russian intervention. Indeed the actual capture of the airport under the control of the Yugoslav army was made by Russian paratroopers who then obtained the mission of maintaining the peace but there was never the slightest exchange of fire: the whole description fights extensively detailed in the film is a pure invention intended to transform a secondary historical situation into an action thriller pretext. It has been observed that the presentation of the complicated events of the war in Kosovo (numerous explanatory boxes, inserts of archive images) is inaccurate, ignoring the responsibility of Serbian Solobodan Milosevic and the barbaric repression against the Albanians. The film clearly takes the side of the Serbian co-producers and openly denounces NATO’s action: Balkan Line should be viewed with extreme caution, bearing in mind that this is a work of propaganda that makes the point. dead end on war crimes and reinventing history. As such, the film is questionable even if it is formally very well directed, well interpreted (the filmmaker Emir Kustirica plays an effaced role) and manages to plunge the viewer into the fury of the fighting.

Duration: 130 min


IMDb: 6.5