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Baby Driver

Baby Driver If Edgar Wright is one of the essential directors of this century, it is largely thanks to his talent Baby Driver at reimagining any genre. Through what is known as his ‘Cornetto Trilogy’, for example, the British brought fresh ideas and new possibilities of humor to the zombie cinema —’Zombies Party ‘(2004) -, the policeman —’Arma fatal’ (2007 ) – and science fiction – ‘Welcome to the end of the world’ (2013) -. In part also thanks to his fearless use of exquisitely curated music on the soundtrack, Wright paved the way for other directors who have subsequently tried their luck in each of those genres.

None of those films, in any case, allowed us to anticipate the explosion of creativity that his new film supposes. Because what exactly is ‘Baby Driver’, the story of a young driver who tries to get away from the world of crime? A dazzling action movie? An adrenaline-pumping comedy? A lovely postmodern romance? A glittering musical? The answers are, in that order, yes, yes, too, and of course.

Duration: 113 min


IMDb: 7.6