Ayla: The Daughter of War
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Ayla: The Daughter of War

Ayla: The Daughter of War summer 1993, by the debutant Carla Simón, will be the Spanish representative in the Ayla: The Daughter of War race for the Oscars, whose 90th edition will be held on March 4 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Summer 1993, which is shot in Catalan and its original title is Estiu 1993, answers two questions, according to its director: how do you explain death to a child? How to understand what is happening around you, the silences, the gestures? Carla Simón (Barcelona, ​​1986) was taken from her parents by AIDS when she was a child, and she went to live with her uncles and a slightly younger cousin in Ampurdán. At that time, the HIV virus seemed an unbeatable enemy, and ignorance made that girl’s life even more complicated. “Unfortunately for my parents, the effective retrovirals arrived later, a year late to have saved them.” And while she chewed her pain, the absence of her mother, she tried to assimilate the concept of “managing emotions”, Carla Simón did not cry. “I have no shame about it because after having told it so many times my story sounds like a story. In fact, during the process of creating the film, I spent moments disconnected from the fact that it was my life. Above all, on the set.”

Regarding the selection of her film, Simón has declared herself happy and, nevertheless, very surprised. “I never thought that we would go this far,” he said. “I think the academics have chosen it because it has moved them. Sometimes when you watch a movie you are mostly left with your feelings. And I suspect that the universality of its themes has also cast votes in our favor.” Summer 1993 premiered in Catalan, it has already been seen by more than 96,300 viewers (more than 600,000 euros at the box office) since its premiere on June 30, and only from this Friday will it be re-released -in 16 theaters- dubbed to Spanish: “I have meticulously controlled the process and it has been carried out by the actors themselves. I don’t think the language will affect the race at the Oscars. It should be normal for any film to go through Spain in any of the languages ​​we speak [in previous editions the Academia has already presented Pa Negre, in Catalan, and Loreak, in Basque], although the political moment splashes the selection “.

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IMDb: 8.4