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Ava too bad Ava isn’t Ava Gardner’s biography! It would have been a thousand times more entertaining than this crazy movie Ava that is not assumed as such. But of course, it could not have passed the Hollywood censorship. This Ava is the worst kind of Hollywood movie, the dullest and most impersonal: the one that doesn’t understand that the best merchandise produced by the dream factory was never serious dramas, but wishes, nightmares, and larger-than-life adventures. The Hollywood thing was never Clark Kent but Superman, not the assassination of Kennedy but The Exorcist, not climbing the Thunderer but escaping the attack of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ava is the story of a hit man who, like all contemporary action heroes or heroines, is deeply traumatized. She does not carry out her task with stoicism or pleasure but as if it were a tragedy. And to be a tragic woman, she needs to kill a few offspring, to be murdered for having buried her brother or falling in love with her son.

Played by redhead Jessica Chastain (whose pronounced dimple in her chin is a thousand times more erotic than all of Madonna’s nudes), Ava is an ABC1 hitman. Her first target is an IMF advisor. Like any hit man Ava is, of course, a loner. And a former alcoholic. That would be fine, although you can kill on request and have a family, like the protagonists of the great series The Americans, or be the most ruthless being in the world and yet fall in love with the police who persecute you, as in the great Killing Eve . But Ava, a girl at heart, visits her sick mother in the hospital. They answer him with his pocket: his mother (the reappeared Geena Davis) does not want to have anything with her. The film’s only display of black humor and cruelty, Chastain comments to Geena Davis, whose facelift allows her to look at 63 like she was at twenty-something in The Fly, “You look the same as before.” But that doesn’t redeem Ava from her original sin: Worthy hit men don’t know about moms.

Duration: 96 min


IMDb: 5.3