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Atomic Blonde gamesRadar+ and our sister publication Total Film sat down with the cast and director to quiz Atomic Blonde them about The Old Guard 2 and whether we can expect a return – and what that return may look like. While there’s no official confirmation as-yet that Charlize Theron’s immortal hero will return, the general consensus is that she will be back with her almost ever-lasting crew – as long as Netflix wants them back.

“We went into this talking about [a sequel] as a possibility, and it’s definitely something that excites us,” Theron tells Total Film. The actress was instead more forthcoming about a different pulse-quickening sequel in development at Netflix: Atomic Blonde 2. “We took [AB2] to them and Scott Stuber [Head of Original Films at Netflix] was really interested in it. We talked to him about it extensively, and we’re in the process of writing it right now. That character was set up in a way where she didn’t really reveal much of herself. So I feel like there’s a lot of potential there. The bar’s pretty high, but we’re excited about it.”

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IMDb: 6.7