Assassination Nation
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Assassination Nation

Assassination Nation it is impossible to take an X-ray of contemporary youth, especially women, without talking about Assassination Nation social networks, image worship and ‘slut-shaming’. And it is even more difficult to see a film in which an analysis of these elements is attempted without falling into common places, in the pretense of portraying modernity from the point of view of the old, the ‘male gaze’ or yellowishness. It was necessary -and much- a film that was in form and content an unappealable representative of a contemporary feeling, of a generation that was born in the Internet age and faces debates that society has never fully dealt with. Get ready, that ‘Wild Nation’ comes to be that mirror of a present marked by the fourth wave of feminism and the dictatorship of memes.

The Salem witches are back. But we are no longer in the seventeenth century, when those accused of playing with black magic were burned at the stake, but in a 2018 in which the new witchcraft is the progress that some have not yet managed to understand. It is the ability of women to be free, sexual and proud, to be masters of their own bodies and demand the right to their privacy, not to be rebuked or molested, to live in an environment free of machismo. Today, in her Bible there is not Saint Paul, but Daenerys Targaryen.

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IMDb: 5.9