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Anon to say that it looks like a long episode of ‘Black Mirror’ is a lazy way to describe ‘Anon’ but certainly accurate; Anon and not only because the film explores the dangers of technological development but also because it would have been much more satisfying if it had lasted 50 minutes and not 100. Its narrative adventure is rather simple – the investigation of murders in a future in which, Because of cyber progress, both privacy and crime have theoretically disappeared – and yet it moves slowly, heavy and limping.

Director Andrew Niccol has been expressing his fear of scientific advances since ‘Gattaca’ (1997), and in fact ‘Anon’ exhibits several thematic connections with that magnificent debut, although, yes, not an iota of its dramatic effectiveness. Its protagonist, a tormented detective (Clive Owen), is a walking stereotype, and both he and the rest of the characters resort to terrible dialogue to verbalize the issues of the film without qualms. Furthermore, the film lacks the capacity for surprise and narrative logic – the identity of the murderer is solved in a particularly silly way – and, due to the chromatic desaturation to which it has undoubtedly been subjected to express the gray future to which we’re headed, it’s downright ugly.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 6.1