Angel of Mine
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Angel of Mine

Angel of Mine on September 27th, “Desaparecida (Angel of Mine)”, a thriller starring Noomi Rapace (Millennium), Angel of Mine Yvonne Strahovski (The Maid’s Tale) and Luke Evans (The Maid’s Tale), premiered in Spain by Second Gen Pictures. of the train). A film directed by Kim Farrant that offers us an amazing journey through the depths of a sick obsession. A dark bottomless pit that will make us doubt everything we believe is real.

“Desparecida (Angel of Mine)” is a remake of the French film “L’Empreinte de L’Ange,” which has been adapted by Oscar nominee Luke Davies (Lion) and David Regal. The story introduces us to Lizzie (Noomi Rapace), a divorced and fragile woman since the death of her newborn daughter, after a fire suffered in the hospital. One day he happens to see Lola (Annika Whiteley), a seven-year-old girl in whom he thinks he sees a certain physical resemblance, and he becomes convinced that she is, in fact, his own daughter. As her obsession grows, Lizzie loses more and more notion of reality and will harass the girl’s family to be part of her life, no matter what.

In this disturbing Australian psychological thriller, which at a certain point could remind us of that 90s “classic” that is “The hand that rocks the cradle” (although nothing is further from the truth), everything falls on the great performance of Noomi Rapace. The Swedish actress who became known to the general public as Lisbeth Salander in the trilogy of “Millenium”, facing in “Disappeared (Angel of mine)” faces the challenge of giving life to a broken woman. A woman who after seven years, has not overcome the loss of her newborn daughter, filling herself with a guilt that eats away at her inside and that makes her life stagnant. A false, unhappy life, full of lies and that have led to a divorce in their marriage and the happiness of their child has been left aside.

Duration: 98 min


IMDb: 6.4