And Then We Danced
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And Then We Danced

And Then We Danced Flavia Kleiner, founder of the organization Operation Libero, has been holding back the And Then We Danced Swiss far right in referendums for some time, when no one else seemed to be able to stop them. In a recent interview with the journalist Carlos Barragán for El Confidencial, she gave a clue: “you have to break their control of the narrative, because they are very intelligent: they intoxicate the debate and force the rest to talk about their issues (…The rest of the parties have not only bought part of its vocabulary, but have also allowed the extreme right to patrimonialize the national flag ”. It sounds like something to you that we are living here, right?

The truth is that, at a time when the extreme right is on the rise throughout Europe -and the whole world-, the mere existence of ‘And Then We Danced’ – ‘We only have to dance’, in its Spanish translation – is of celebrate. And even more so when it comes with this quality and with this message. Although the post-USSR context of Georgia is different from that of Switzerland, France or Spain, the sexist culture is shared, the religious weight – here mainly of the Orthodox Church – and that search for a scapegoat in the face of the problems of the workers who it usually ends in hatred of the different. And ‘And Then We Danced’ starts right from there: its protagonist is not exactly in the bourgeois family of ‘Call Me By Your Name’, but Merab is an ordinary boy who sleeps on a sofa and works what he can to help to his family (his mother, his grandmother and his brother). One more young person than 94% of young Georgians who reject same-sex marriage, a higher rate even than that of Russia. It is becoming clear that this is not another coming of age about the sexual awakening of a gay teenager, right?