Action Point
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Action Point

Action Point i will never tire of claiming ‘Jackass’ as an infinitely more sophisticated product than its appearance betrayed Action Point as a mere compilation of punches and hidden camera jokes. Of course, it was that too – and in that it was the best – but the idea of ​​putting a lot of adults to physically punish themselves just for laughter, in some cases seriously endangering their physical integrity, carried a series of implicit connotations. that its two main architects, Spike Jonze and Johnny Knoxville, knew how to explore thoroughly.

For example, the very question, which was steeping over the years, why the group has gotten stuck in an eternal preadolescence of pilongas chestnuts. In the third ‘Jackass’ film, released ten years after the start of the series, the thirty-somethings who starred in it wondered why they had gotten into that spiral of pain and self-punishment again. The story of the sad clown has always flown ‘Jackass’ in front of and behind the camera, and stories of addiction (Steve-O) and death (Ryan Dunn) abound. One tends to think that a good part of these voluntary torture had a dark psychological explanation behind it.

Another aspect to which ‘Jackass’ paid unprecedented attention in a product of its nature, is the seemingly casual and messy aesthetic, derived from the documentary grammar that commanded the format. But underneath that shaky appearance of video texture and handheld camera, in search of absurd humor a poetics of the high-carat blow was brewing. In other words, sinking your head into a mountain of manure is funny; Being catapulted into a mountain of manure dressed as a medieval knight with a firecracker up your ass while a band of cheerleaders cheer you on is raw art in its purest form.

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IMDb: 5.1