A Thought of Ecstasy
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A Thought of Ecstasy

A Thought of Ecstasy the arthouse erotic psychodrama, already territory heavily land-mined with projects of dubious A Thought of Ecstasy intent, is done no favors by the pornographic posturing of German writer-director-actor RP Kahl’s turgid “A Thought of Ecstasy.” Strongly making the case that aside from other people’s dreams and other people’s holiday photos, there’s nothing drearier than other people’s sexual fetishes, the film even has the gall to chip away at the legacy of one of the genre’s few masterpieces.

Deborah Kara Unger (who also executive produces) husks and purrs through a “Red Shoe Diaries” version of the icily dehumanized femme fatale she embodied in David Cronenberg’s “Crash,” which only serves to illustrate the yawning gulf between the two films: One is about a deadening sexual obsession with car crashes while the other is itself a deadening car crash about sexual obsession. The only good news is that “Ecstasy” is so committed to its full-frontal nudity, erect penises, exposed vaginas and unsimulated sex scenes that it’s unlikely to penetrate wider markets, or to register anywhere but nichier festival sidebars.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 4.1