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A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ultra-low fidelity ghosts are giving us quite a few joys lately. On “Personal Shopper,” many posh A Ghost Story moviegoers looking for movies “whose insides throb with truth” but then want substitutes for the “Warren File” complained about the lack of spooky effects that haunted Kristen Stewart. In ‘A Ghost Story’, David Lowery throws himself into the chanante representation of banshees by planting a grubby sheet for Casey Affleck to symbolize his otherworldly life, as in a Mortadelo comic.

In Assayas’s film, the faulty CGI proposed a disruption of the visual code to which commercial horror cinema has accustomed us, with appearances that were reminiscent of the original silent film transparencies or the magic lantern. Here we go even further back: to the engravings of Victorian ghost stories, to the posters of beheaded illusionists teasing Satan, to ‘Doña Urraca en el castillo de Nosferatu’ (nothing to rule out).

Duration: 92 min


IMDb: 6.9